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Volume 17 Issue 7, October 2007

Achieving concordance, have pharmacists got the right skills?
Duncan Petty

Basic pharmacy skills
What do respiratory function tests tell us?
Toby Capstick

Supplementary prescribing
An audit of supplementary prescribing practice in an intensive care unit shows pharmacists can reduce the prescribing workload safely
Yasmin Poonawal, Samantha Kay and Emma Graham-Clarke

Pharmacy input in care homes
Pharmacy input in medications review improves prescribing and cost-efficiency in care homes
Rachel Bruce

Therapeutic options
Should we forget about using acetylcholinesterase inhibitors in Alzheimer’s disease?
Dr Paul F Grassby

Original research
Limiting the wastage of aseptically prepared medicines on paediatric wards is a priority
Deanna Gilman

Medicines partnership
Following a framework for good practice helps achieve concordance
Wendy Clyne

Colorectal cancer supplement
Improving outcomes in colorectal cancers: a NHS priority

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