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Volume 19 Issue 3, September 2009

Drugs in pregnancy
Optimal treatment of minor ailments in pregnancy requires careful evaluation of the risks and benefits
Emma Williams

Oncology special section: Prostate cancer review
Early prostate cancer diagnosis and management leads to improved prognosis
Netty (Annette) Wood

Oncology special section: original research
Nurse dispensing of pre-filled chemotherapy syringes on an oncology day unit
Matthew Small, Yung Strawbridge and Rebecca Batley

Asthma special section 1
Focus on inhaled corticosteroids in the treatment of chronica asthma in adults
Catherine Lowe and Mary Goudge

Asthma special section 2
Combination therapy for asthma – what are the current options?
Christine Knott

Cardiovascular special section 1
The pharmacological considerations of atrial fibrillation ablation
Sotiris Antoniou and Gurpreet Virdi

Cardiovascular special section 2
Focus on how best to carry out a medication review of heart failure
Jyoti Sood

Cardiovascular special section 3
Aspirin and the primary prevention of cardiovascular disease
Peter Burrill

Original research
Review of patients switched from atorvastatin to simvastatin after two years in a general medical practice
Geoff Watman

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