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Volume 19 Issue 2, March–April 2009

Pharmacists should be helping to improve the use of antipsychotics in people with dementia
Duncan Petty

Original research
Staff awareness of correct oral chemotherapy procedures in non-specialist wards needs improving
Amy Wong

Drugs in pregnancy
When evaluating drug use in pregnancy maternal needs and treatment risks to the fetus must be considered
Sally Stephens and Kenneth Hodson

Guide to medication reviews
A new medication review guide from NPC Plus and the Medicines Partnership will benefit both pharmacists and patients
Nina L Barnett and Lelly Oboh

Mental health special section
Using antipsychotics in dementia patients creates a clinical and ethical dilemma
Delia Bishara

Mental health special section
Is there any difference between the antipsychotics?
Stephen Bleakley

Learning points
Focus on blood tests used for monitoring haematological conditions
Hibo Osman and Richard Mellor

Postoperative pain management
Is there a role for intravenous paracetamol in postoperative pain relief?
Joanne Harding

Medicines safety report
The medicines safety agenda is stepping up a gear
Christine Knott

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