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Volume 18 Issue 1, January–February 2008

Demonstrating economic benefits of clinical pharmacy services is founded on good quality studies
Duncan Petty

Can clinical pharmacy services be quantified?
Ronald Purkiss

Therapeutic options
Metformin: an agent of minimal harm and maximal benefit in type 2 diabetes?
Peter Burrill

Research funding
Turning research ideas into fundable grant applications requires clarity of thought and good planning
Christine Knott

Medication reviews
Medicines for the treatment of dyspepsia and peptic ulcer disease
Petty D and Alldred D

Basic pharmacy skills
Calculating GFR is crucial when determining drug dosage requirements in reduced renal function
Su Wood

Therapeutic options: CKD
Prescribing principles for patients with chronic kidney disease
Christopher Brown

Postoperative pain relief
New drugs and formulations can help achieve good postoperative pain relief
Sahar Kareem, Edison M Prempeh and Chandra S Pasapula

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