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Volume 17 Issue 8, November–December 2007

Keep treatment regimens simple if you want to maximise adherence and minimise adverse effects
Duncan Petty

Learning points
Diagnosing and managing hypertension can help minimise the risk of cardiovascular disease
Candy Norris

Therapeutic options - Vitamin D
Should vitamin D supplementation be routinely prescribed for the elderly?
Jyoti Sood

Technicians' roles
The RPSGB code of ethics embeds principles into practice for technicians
Gill Risby

Therapeutic options
Tumour necrosis factor-alpha inhibitors help control symptoms in active rheumatoid arthritis
Samantha Lane

Original research
A retrospective audit of prescribing suggests antihypertensive of the same class have different tolerabilities
Wasim Baqir

Thromboembolic events can be avoided by appropriate risk-assessment and thromboprophylaxis
Rosalind Perrott

HPV vaccines
Prophylactic human papillomavirus vaccines may protect against cervical cancer
Anne Szarewski

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