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Pharmacy in Practice was an academic, peer-reviewed journal for pharmacists and payor decision-makers across the UK. We published eight issues per year with a circulation of around 6,700.

Articles included original research, therapeutics reviews, medication reviews as well as special sections and supplements.

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2008 issues

Hypertension February 2008
A retrospective audit of prescribing suggests antihypertensives of the same class have different tolerabilities
Wasim Baqir

Paediatric formulations February 2008
Understanding how to select appropriate liquid medicines for children will ensure they receive the best-available product for their needs
Steve Tomlin

Learning points December 2008
Well known adverse drug reactions can sometimes be difficult to pinpoint
Annett Blochberger

2007 issues

Liquid Medicines June 2007
Liquid medicines can be the key that enables patients with swallowing difficulties to take their medicines
Richard Griffith and Rob Hebdon

Special feature August 2007
Medication-related swallowing difficulties may be more common than we realise
Ian Strachan and Mark Greener


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