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Pharmacy in Practice - past issue


PIP cover volume 18 issue 8

Volume 18 Issue 8
November-December 2008

Pharmacists are in the persuasion business
Duncan Petty

Original research
Auditing safe and secure handling of medicines can help improve working practices
May Khaw, Tejal Patel, Stuart Dark, George Wang

Emergency medicines
Prompt and adequate treatment of poisoning may be facilitated by a collaborative approach to antidote storage
James Allen

Oncology special section
Lung cancer diagnosis and management
Steve Williamson
The Pharmaceutical Oncology Initiative Partnership aims to ensure access to cancer medicines and services for all who need them
Christine Knott

Therapeutic options
Managing obesity could be our biggest challenge
Paul F Grassby

Community pharmacy services
Weight management is likely to become a priority for community pharmacists
Michael Holden

OTC dietary products
Focus on OTC weight management products
Christine Knott

Infection management
Appropriate antibiotic use must be addressed now before resistance levels render them obsolete
Catherine Lowe and Adrian Penney

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