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Pharmacy in Practice - past issue


PIP cover volume 17 issue 6

Volume 17 Issue 6
September 2007

Computerised decision support systems can improve clinical practice
Duncan Petty

Learning points
Well known adverse drug reactions can sometimes be difficult to pinpoint
Annett Blochberger

Basic pharmacy skills
Correct interpretation of biochemical test results will help pharmacists make rational medicines decisions
Daniel Greer

Original research
Measuring the impact of medication review in care homes with nursing facilities
Sarah Crotty

Review – Paediatric formulations
Understanding how to select appropriate liquid medicines for children will ensure they receive the best-available product for their needs
Steve Tomlin

Learning points
Coronary artery bypass graft surgery requires
close peri-operative management

Hasanin Khachi, Saskia Vercaeren and Sotiris Antoniou

Review – Decision support
The importance of good prescribing support when determining patients’ risks and benefits cannot be underestimated
Stephen R Chapman

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